Longing (Anhelo). -Poema en Inglés-


God, you give me life
In the darkness shine your light.

God, I am a tree
In your heart rooted deep.

God, you are my hope
Don’t you ever leave me, Lord

God, you are the anchor
When my ship is sinking deep

Oh God, you’re like a breeze
You whisper in my sleep

God, you are my all
You satisfy my soul

My longings don’t have any other meaning
Than getting back to the beginning

When you spoke to the man
In the garden, face to face

I hope for your kingdom to come.

I await for that time as well, when not a tear will be shed… but we’ll be at a perfect place, worshiping with all the saints.

Giving glory, honor and praise
To the lamb who was slayed.

I cannot wait for that day
When the whole world will know your name

And all creatures up above
On earth and down bellow
And even beyond…

will bow dow before YAHWEH
and all mouth shall then say

That You’re victorious, you reign

And acknowledge Jesus christ
Is the lamb who brings us life.

The day when all your children
Will be home eating and drinking

Wearing a beautiful ring
Dancing with their king

Alongside their brothers and sisters
with the father of forgiveness.

Oh, God don’t be late
This heart of mine awaits

Oh father lead me through
This is not home and my soul longs for you.


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